Masks4CFL is a grassroots movement. This movement has been started by Anjali Vaya with Tezz LLC  We have worked with the hospitality sector and small businesses  for multiple years, today we realize that COVID-19 has changed our lives forever and in an effort to reopen our businesses we have started this movement to keep our community safer by donating masks to the small businesses as they reopen.


We are responding to meet the needs of our Central Florida community by engaging partners from both the public and private sectors with the conviction that addressing our issues is a shared responsibility.


As Central Floridians, we have personal ties to so many heroic healthcare workers, essential workers, non profit volunteers and community members that are risking their lives every day.


It is our sincere hope that our mask donations will build the momentum to help flatten the curve.


We hope that our initiative will create a unifying moment


Because we are all in this together.


What you see today is a commitment to say – Never Stand Alone.


Please continue to practice the guidelines that have been put in place to protect us all.

is a grassroots movement whose sole goal is to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our Orlando community. We have a simple message. Adhere to the CDC recommendations of:

1. Social distancing
2. Hand washing
3. Avoiding contact with your face, and
4. Wearing protective masks in public

The first three guidelines have been extensively covered in the media. Wearing masks in public, however, is a new concept in our society. Our goal is to make masks widely available through partnerships with large scale manufacturers and businesses around  Central Florida, as well as through a grassroots effort from donations to flatten the curve.

Our first initiative will be to distribute 10,000 masks

In addition, we are also partnering with the media and local businesses to help flatten the curve.


Special thanks to iTouchOrlando and TransFirst Logistics and Supply for contributing towards the movement.

By wearing protective masks , we can help protect our loved ones, our neighbors and our community. We can all think of someone we’ll impact. Whether it’s a grandparent, a friend with an underlying disease, or a family member in healthcare, we all have someone to protect.